Our goal is to increase our students academic achievements and to eliminate the discrepancy between students of various ethnic and multi-cultural backgrounds in the classroom.
— Caleb Thomas, Executive Director, Strive for Success"

Strategy goals identified by the United Way of Johnson County to lessen the education gap:

  • Reading proficiency is at 74.7% for 4th graders, the vision is to increase this to 83% by 2020.
  • Current High School graduation rate is 91.3%, the vision is to increase this to 94.2% by 2020
  • 87.2% of Graduated students plan to attend 2yr or 4yr program, the vision is to increase this to 91.5% 

Strive for Success helps accomplish these goals by offering the following programs and support:  

  • Students have one on one academic support and encouragement from licensed teachers and mentors.
  • Access to year-round, real world, enrichment programs
  • STEM initiatives aligned with the careers of tomorrow
  • 100% high school graduation for all ethnic and diverse backgrounds
  • Preparing students for college, vocational schools, and readiness for life

Strive For Success is working towards providing a four week summer school program designed to help every student who attends increase in their reading and math proficiency, helping to ensure more students of Johnson County achieve academic success and high school graduation before 2020 and beyond.